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In one far corner of the galaxy, a small blue planet. Like a sapphire and emerald jewel it spins seemingly alone before a tapestry of enshrouding night.

A world far kinder to its children, than its children are to this tiny world, a world named Earth!

On this beautiful world, there lies a city, sitting by the sea. It is buffeted from time to time by fierce waves, occasional storms, and filled with strangeness. For it shelters a great and wondrous secret!

Here, on this world, in this city, amidst the resplendent strangeness we find—an uncommon blessing—heroes!

Here in a city named Ocean Point.

From the dark streets of Fallschurch, to the rising towers of Seaview, down into Tunnel City below. It is a city full of wonderful and terrible things.

Can our heroes face the challenges that rise around them, and imperils Ocean Point, and possibly the world? Will they stand resplendent and victorious before all the terrors that assail them?

Only time will tell us the truth of this tale!

Home Page

Perils of Ocean Point Silverlion